Mini Brands Series 4 2022

Mini Brands Series 4

Mini Brands series 4 is the new series of mini brands released in 2022. This series comes with many surprising and amazing new additions. There are 100 plus minis to collect in this series and you can find some repetitions of minis from series 3 as well.

It is important to mention that the capsule of the new mini brands 2022 series 4 is made of certified recyclable plastic. Thus the capsule is reusable.

The most exciting news about this series of mini brands released in 2022 is that in this series you will get the super cool Ultra Rare Frozen Moment minis for all mini lovers.

These frozen moments are super adorable and super cool and give you a realistic feeling, you feel like you have stopped the time for a moment. This series has a beautiful blue capsule ball. Which you all going to love. Here is its first look.

The series 4 collector’s guides can be found here.

You can also download the collector’s guide, cick the download button to download the collector’s guide.

There are Seven Frozen Moments Mini in this series which are as follows.  These moments are also called moment glaces.

Frozen Moments Mini Brands Series 4

  • Two Gold Frozen Moments
  • The gold Harshi syrup
  • Regular Harshhi syrup
  • Nail polish
  • Catchup and burger
  • Prenkels
  • Tomato sauce and Spaghetti

Mini Brands Series 4 Gold-Dore

  • Prengals
  • OXI Clean
  • Howaench Rubik
  • Gold nail polish
  • Vinto

Glow In The Dark

You will be getting one Glow in the Dark Mini as well (Brillent DANS Lenoir)

  • Teddy Gram

You will find some beautiful and adorable gold mini brands from series 4 below.

Metallic (Metallique)

You will be getting two metallic minis

  • Metallic raisins
  • Itsu

Common – Commun

This series has some more surprises like the ULTRA-Rare minis, Super Rare, and Rare. Apart from that, there will be a collector’s case exclusive for this series.

 In addition, there will be an advent calendar exclusive in this series which is super exciting.

There are also mini-mart exclusives and mini convenience store exclusives as well.

What Surprises and Additions will be there in the new series 4 of mini brands 2022?

There are many exciting additions and surprises coming out this year. The new adorable additions to the family of mini brands are the Foodi mini brands (Mini brands kid meal toys), Mini Food Court, Mini  Disney Store, and the Mini Brands Gold Rush Collectors Case.

Foodie Mini Brands Series 4

There are 20 mini kid meal toys and 4 wacky packs to collect in this series. Apart from that, there are Ultra Rares (ultra-rare cup, tattoos, chilly cheese tug, and regular tattoos) and some sonic drinks as well. There are 3 available colors blue, purple, and cherry lemonade.

minis wacky pack

The Ultra-Rares includes

  • Ultra-rare cup
  • Tattoos
  • Chilly cheese tug
  • Regular tattoos

You will get a collector’s case for these foodie mins where you will store and display your foodies.

What else can you expect in 2022?

Apart from the minis series 4 and foodie minis, you will be getting the following minis in 2022.

  • Mini Food Court
  • Mini  Disney Store
  • Mini Brands Gold Rush Collectors Case

If you want to find more information about other series of mini brands and their collector’s guides you can read this article about all the series of minis. You can also find the collector’s cases, mini-marts, mini playsets, and many more information.

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